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We are Anna Ludevid and Immanuel Elgström and we live in Cardedeu (Barcelona). COR NOU (New Heart in Catalan) is a project that has been taking shape for several years from the bosom of our family life. Our life of intimacy with Jesus has been pushing us to communicate, through our words and songs, that Jesus really is alive. Cor Nou finally took a more concrete form in the year 2012-13 “year of faith”.

Adoracio / Adoración

In recent years we have had the occasion to encourage and participate in times of worship and vigils. Our songs are born from teh interiro and want to be an instrument of the grace of the Holy Spirit to reach wounded and thirsty hearts. With the music we can express the Love that God has for us, the confidence we can have in Him, the gift of a renewed faith, joy that comes from this experience, the forgiveness that heals us …

Our name Cor Nou (new heart)

I shall give you a new heart, and put a new spirit in you; I shall remove the heart of stone from your bodies and give you a heart of flesh instead. I shall put my spirit in you, and make you keep my laws, and respect and practice my judgments.” Ez 36, 26-27

Cor Nou, alabanza, lloança, music, música, worship, Lobpreis, oración, adoración, católica, cristiana, pregària

God directs this promise full of hope to his Church, to his people, to us. God has said it and will do it. In Cor Nou we also want to welcome this word and contribute to its realization with what we are and have, although at times it seems little more than five loaves and two fish.

Cor Nou means “new heart” in Catalan. Having a new heart happens to take care of a renewed spiritual life. We trust that our life, our gestures, our words and our music can be an instrument for this. Cor Nou inscribes itself, with its charism, in the renewal that the Holy Spirit is inspiring everywhere in the world.

We hope that this web site, with what we can offer, could be a source of comfort and healing for you. May the Lord bless you and keep you, and make the best in you flourish!

Our mission

Our vocation is, among other varied things, to animate musical days with teachings, speeches to parents, etc. Also the prayer with the children of catechesis occupies a prominent place, with our own songs with specific gestures for them (see the corresponding section).

shabbat cardedeu

In Cor Nou our heart also beats of love for Israel. We want to live in humble proximity to “our elder brothers in the faith” (JPII, April 13, 1986).

As far as possible, we remember the Jewish holidays and study the wisdom that they transmits us. Brievly, we are listening to their joy and fidelity to the divine election.

We continue to listen to what the Lord proposes to us, even with our such poor resources. In short, it will always be a service to the Church, inscribed in the stream of the New Evangelization.



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